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Our experts supply, wrap, drive and deliver the world’s most dynamic and original vehicles, turbo-charging the impact of your live event or campaign in the uk and overseas

The latest vehicle branding product developments are revolutionising the quality and choice available to the nation’s most innovative marketeers and brands alike. The latest products are also significantly better for the environment than their predecessors.

About Us

We specialise in working alongside large corporates and PR teams, marketing and media professionals to increase the visibility of your promotional or marketing campaign. Our services include the hire, wrap, insurance, driving and restoration of temporarily customised and branded vehicles for simple and easy project delivery. Our 20 years’ experience has culminated in a seamless service offering that begins with the supply of any kind of vehicle including supercars, adapted/novelty vehicles, trucks, trailer, boats or planes, and ends with the collection of your wrapped vehicles and restoration to their original states.

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